Coating Machine
Coating M/C has largely extended its application field thank to new technology.
In past, coating M/C was mainly used for manufacturing low price products such as coating film, solar film, etc. But now, its application range is extended to ��optical clear coat��, IT materials, circuit board field, etc. that UV(Ultra Violet), EB(Electron Beam) Radcure are applied for.
CO-Tech develops various coating technologies through consistent R & D activities and possesses coating technology having high quality product and high efficiency.
Common matters
Raw material PET, OPP, PVC, PE, PI etc., (User Advice)
Machine speed 200m/min below (User Advice)
Tasks speed 180m/min below (User Advice)
Raw material width 300~1900mm (User Advice)
Guide Roll ��100~120mm Anodizing or hard chrome surface treatment (User Advice)
Control motor AC Vector Motor, AC Servo Motor (User Advice)
Machine color MUNCELL NO. F-299002 (User Advice)
OP Panel color MUNCELL NO. F-553507 (User Advice)
Unwinding & rewinding part 2-axis rotation type or 1-axis center type (User Advice)
Film outer Dia ��600, ��800, ��1000, ��1200mm (User Advice)
How to connect raw material Automatic or manual connectio (User Advice)
Splicing type and direction Lossless(T/B), Flying Arm(T/B), Tapeless(T/B) (User Advice)
Air-Shaft fixing type 3" Shaft + Adapter(AL or MC nylon) (User Advice)
Chamber inner temperature Max. 200�� (User Advice)
Hot blow injection type Z-Nozzle, Foating Nozzle, perforating method (User Advice)
Heating source Electric heater, gas burner, Thermal Oil (User Advice)
Unit Dryer length 1.8m, 2.2m, 3m, 4m (User Advice)
Coating Head
Developed unit There are Comma, Gravure, Micro-Gravure, Slot-Die, Lip-Die, Reverse-Kiss, Deep coating method, etc., which are decided according to products at manufacturing line
Doctor type General Doctor or Chamber Doctor (User Advice)