Slitting Machine
It is the facility to cut film by proper width and length according to each use.
By selecting proper knife as well as control tension and film position, we design Slitting M/C according to film type and characteristics, manufacture it, and supply it.
Basic spec.
Raw material PET, OPP, CPP, PVC ?etc., (User Advice)
Machine speed 300m/min below (User Advice)
Tasks speed 250m/min below (User Advice)
Raw material width 300~1900mm (User Advice)
Control motor AC Vector Motor, AC Servo Motor (User Advice)
Machine color MUNCELL NO. F-299002 (User Advice)
OP Panel color MUNCELL NO. F-553507 (User Advice)
Unwinding part Hand Lifing Type (User Advice)
Rewinding part Two-Shaft Center Winding Type (User Advice)
Film outer Dia.
(Unwinding part)
��600, ��800, ��1000, ��1200mm (User Advice)
Film outer Dia.
(Rewinding part)
��500 below (User Advice)
Laminating Unit
Knife type Razor Knife, Ring Knife, Shear Cutter (User Advice)
Slitting width 200mm more (User Advice)